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Roni started her yoga practice about five years ago at a non heated studio. She was destined to find a spiritual outlet to help her untangle through her personal struggles in search of her true self. Yoga transformed Roni into a new person which helped her rise out of the darkness. Roni soon found Power Pilates Yoga Studio, she fell in love with the heated room. The heated room was her weakness, the room humbles her while the heat breaks down the walls she built up around her. Her yoga practice taught her to breakdown those walls and slowly rebuild herself back up. Different poses help open herself up in different ways she didn’t even think were possible. Roni used her yoga practice to heal her life by breaking down her worldly struggles and began rebuilding up her life filled with trust, love, and acceptance. Roni is extremely grateful for all the yoga teachers that she has had, they have changed her life in so many ways.

Jenni Wade practices homeopathy, yoga, counseling, mediation and wild crafting. She believes life is about eating living foods, connecting to the earth, moving our bodies and getting out of our heads long enough to feel the splendor of being alive. She encourages others to find their center and sustain their inner contentment. 

We're a unique yoga and ayurveda boutique dedicated to recovering what we believe to be the essence of yoga: a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone.

Our focus is on yoga for healing, incorporating Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, and the world's oldest medical system.

We're dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga available to everyone. We are a boutique studio offering specializations that cannot be found elsewhere, including pelvic floor yoga, yoga therapy, restorative yoga for healing, yogawall,  ayurvedic services and private yoga sessions.  Additionally, the founder of Yoga & Ayurveda Center, Steph is known for her breath-centered vinyasa classes that invite the students into a magical journey in their own bodies on their own mats. These flow classes put an emphasis on linking movement to breath.  

We also offer t'ai chi and chair yoga, which has many health benefits for seniors or injured and de-conditioned people of any age.  

Our children's yoga practice is well-developed and popular. You are welcome to join us for one of our many programs for children of all ages, including Mommy & Me for toddler bonding, Yoga for Anxiety, Yoga for Home-Schooled Children, Yoga for Teens and Yoga for Teams.  

We offer trainings, workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions that focus on interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.

Owner & Instructor

Ayurveda Specialist, AFAA Certified, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified, Tai Chi Instructor


Owner and Instructor

Registered Yoga Teacher - Yoga Alliance

AFAA Certified Group Fitness, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified, Pelvic Floor Specialist

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Our founders Steph & Ron are here to help inspire both you and your practice. Our niche specializations offer healing for your mind, body and spirit.

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