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Jatziry Guzman Berzunza

Roni started her yoga practice about five years ago at a non heated studio. She was destined to find a spiritual outlet to help her untangle through her personal struggles in search of her true self. Yoga transformed Roni into a new person which helped her rise out of the darkness. Roni soon found Power Pilates Yoga Studio, she fell in love with the heated room. The heated room was her weakness, the room humbles her while the heat breaks down the walls she built up around her. Her yoga practice taught her to breakdown those walls and slowly rebuild herself back up. Different poses help open herself up in different ways she didn’t even think were possible. Roni used her yoga practice to heal her life by breaking down her worldly struggles and began rebuilding up her life filled with trust, love, and acceptance. Roni is extremely grateful for all the yoga teachers that she has had, they have changed her life in so many ways.

ABC's of Yoga

A 5 Week Series

A 5 week series for only $50*!  Thursdays 6:45-7:45 p.m.  
Afraid to try yoga?  Afraid you aren't flexible enough? Afraid you have no idea what to do?  Well this series is a great opportunity for those that are new to yoga to overcome those fears.  We will break it down in a simple yet fun way. It is only yoga!  Give it a try!

There is a limited amount of spaces so sign up early.  Sign up today to get your spot.  
*Because of the modest pricing there are no refunds or make up sessions.  Session is pre-pay.